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Hindley Manufacturing Company
Maxson Automatic Machinery

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Hindley Manufacturing Company

Est. 1897 in Cumberland, RI

  • The company, Cumberland’s oldest, has its roots in the 19th Century when the Hindley family arrived from England.
  • James Hindley settled in Valley Falls and was working for a horseshoe firm when his son, Walter, one day saw a price list for cotter pins that were made in blacksmith shops.
  • The Hindleys, together with a neighbor decided, they could devise a semi-automatic machine to make the pins and accomplishing that they started Hindley Manufacturing in 1897.
  • Shortly after the turn of the century, the Hindleys saw another manufacturing opportunity—indoor plumbing was becoming the rage and they started manufacturing the necessary hardware.
  • Making small wire devices found in every household became their forte.

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Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.

Est. 1912 in Westerly, RI

  • For more than a century, the Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., has used high quality innovation to address one of the most difficult manufacturing tasks—handling thin paper mechanically.
  • Founded in 1912, the Westerly-based company developed a machine that helped eliminate a very dangerous and tedious manual process in the conversion of paper from huge webs to cut sheets.
  • At the turn of the 20th Century, converting rolls of paper into sheets suitable for printing machines involved a machine that would cut the paper into sheets of different dimensions.
  • Young boys and sometimes women were positioned at the end of the machine to catch the emerging sheets and lay them into stacks.
  • Workers who did this manual work were called “lay boys” and the process was not only tedious but dangerous.

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