Economic Report

Manufacturing production contracted for the second straight month, declining 0.5% in both May and June. As such, the solid gains in output seen in the spring have waned, with growth stalling in the summer. Manufacturers continue to be challenged by supply chain bottlenecks, workforce shortages and soaring production costs. With that said, manufacturing activity has [...]

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Chips & Infrastructure

VP of NAM Robyn Boerstling praised manufacturing workers who “moved and made things” during the pandemic, recognizing their extraordinary contribution to the country’s well-being. She went on to affirm that manufacturers are still mostly positive about the economy, saying: “Strengthening our competitiveness is a leading goal of every manufacturer, and 83% of manufacturers have a [...]

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Economic Outlook

Despite a decrease in the number of job openings for the second month in a row to 11.3 million in May (11.7 million in April), the job market remains very strong with the number of job openings per unemployed worker still close to historical highs at 1.9. The largest decreases occurred in professional and business [...]

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