1. CIC Health is not going to facilitate the training and testing for this program. If you are contacted by CIC Health, that is not part of this program.
  2. RIDOH will be deploying the federally supplied BinaxNOW COVID-19 tests to your facilities. However, you will need to pick them up at the Dunkin Convention Center. These tests are still free of charge and they are FDA EUA approved and provide on-the-spot tests results.
  3. This test option provides you with flexibility with when individual employees receive their tests and there is no coordination with a courier service to transport the tests to a lab.
  4. Below are the onboarding documents and instructions for performing the BinaxNOW COVID-19 tests.
  5. NEXT STEP: In order to participate you must return the signed MOU and CLIA CMS-116-508 to Sam Chionuma at Samuel.Chionuma.CTR@ohhs.ri.gov as soon as possible.
  6. Once you submit the forms, please contact Cameron Lewis at clewis@hchent.com to set-up a time to pick up your requested BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Tests.
  7. Orders will be placed by Monday for pick-up on Thursday. Kits include 40 tests, please order enough to test over a 5 day period. (With the holidays, I would recommend at least 10 days.)

Onboarding Documents and Instructions