Strengthening Rhode Island’s Economic Outlook to Secure Future Profits

Although building strong manufacturing in RI starts within the manufacturing industry, it is important that its efforts continue successfully and are supported well beyond manufacturing into the entire business community. Rhode Island Manufacturing Association helps promote the positive aspects of a productive manufacturing industry to the public. Additionally, RIMA serves as a resource for other Rhode Island entrepreneurs and established companies who want to locate and prosper in Rhode Island. The bottom line: when Rhode Island’s economy and manufacturing industry thrive, it brings in other business to Rhode Island.

rima economic improvement


1.) Strengthen the supply & demand need for manufactured goods in Rhode Island
2.) Organize effective outreach & communication within the Rhode Island manufacturing community
3.) Design, create and support training programs for Rhode Island manufacturing
4.) Generate public awareness of issues pertaining to Rhode Island manufacturing
5.) Demonstrate the positive impact of exporting Rhode Island manufactured products and parts

rima economic improvement

Legislative & Regulatory

We Take Manufacturer’s Issues to the Top, Where Real Changes are Made