Manufacturers in the United States are working robustly with the Biden administration and Congress to open markets, enforce trade agreements and address challenges overseas and ensure trade certainty and competitiveness, taking actions that include the following:

  • Continuing to underscore the need for a robust, comprehensive U.S. strategy to address market-distorting economic behaviors by China, while also urging a broadening of eligible products for Section 301 tariff exclusions and the need to improve the tariff exclusion process
  • Supporting the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which was signed by President Joe Biden in December, and engaging in the implementation process for the legislation
  • Continuing to underscore at every opportunity the importance of commercial enforcement of Mexico’s and Canada’s commercial obligations under the U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement

Leading industry advocacy in support of expeditious congressional passage of a comprehensive Miscellaneous Tariff Bill.