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Copper River Technologies is seeking an experienced Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic to join our team in Newport, Rhode Island. The Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic will perform installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of equipment ranging in size and complexity from hot water tanks and domestic heating systems to power boilers, complex heating systems and auxiliary equipment.

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

Observes and tests systems for malfunctions
Inspects and adjusts thermostats, switches, regulators, fuel cut-off devices, burners, stokers, fuel feed, flame safeguard controls, relays, solenoids, electronic controls, other safety devices and alarm systems
Replaces defective burners, pilots, valves, motors, piping, controls, fireboxes, grates, bearings and oil seals
Removes and dismantles burner nozzle, strainer and orifice assemblies, locates defects, repairs or replaces parts, reassembles and installs components, tests and makes necessary adjustments
Service units by cleaning filters, strainers, orifices, ignition electrodes and adjusting dampers
Removes soot and fly ash from tubes, chamber ducts, chimneys and breaching
May be required to serve as an on-call duty mechanic on a rotating shift basis. An on- call duty mechanic is required to carry a duty cell phone and duty pager and must remain available to respond on site to after-hour emergencies within two hours

Requires a valid state drivers license
Working knowledge of the principles and standard methods of combustion, heat transfer, fuel characteristics, ratios and arrangements of heating surfaces, and the construction and operating characteristics of a wide range of boilers and domestic heating equipment
Knowledge of mechanical, electromechanical and pneumatic principles and a working knowledge of electronics
Knowledge of manual, electric, electronic, pneumatic and mechanical boiler and heating system controls

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