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Job Description

1. Arrive to work on time. This includes being ready for work, in uniform, at the start of the shift.

2. Attend daily shift change meeting.

3. Once on the production floor and at assigned line, prepare for operations by interfacing with operator from outgoing shift.

4. Review work schedule, check equipment & supplies necessary for work to be done, audit plating line to ensure proper state of solutions, rinses, brushes, electrical & mechanical equipment and anode baskets.

5. Utilize FARM system to turn on / off line, pumps, air, check amps and change part program.

6. Use proper lifting techniques, lift equipment or the buddy system to load coil of material onto payoff.

7. Make splices and feed material through the line.

8. Run samples, cut sample strips and turn in to Quality for approval of production run.

9. After Quality approval, operate plating line in accordance with SOP & Work Instructions.

10. Utilize SIP for customer specific requirements and awareness of plating specifications.

11. Complete dissolves, test pH & Baume, and use True Chem. to locate chemical data as needed and interface with Chem. Lab as needed.

12. Perform changes including solutions, rinses, brushes, electrical & mechanical equipment, tooling, and install anode baskets as required.

13. Using a scale, do a piece count and accurately record scrap into Label Verify.

14. At end of shift, ensure equipment is in proper state including solutions, rinses, brushes, electrical & mechanical equipment.

15. Complete & submit all necessary paperwork.

16. Provide training to less experienced platers as required.

17. Assist less experienced platers by alerting them to any potential problems that you may notice on the line they are running.

18. Follow non-conformance procedure as required.

19. Work with QA on Quality Issues, Corrective Actions, Incident Reports and provide responses to data provided by QA.

20. Follow Company policies and procedures as defined in the Interplex Employee Manual.

21. Follow all International Standards that apply to IEP’s certification and QMS.

22. Follow Company Safety rules and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required. Handle and dispose of all chemicals per the applicable MSDS and IEP procedure.

23. Maintain regular and satisfactory attendance.

24. Perform duties outside of normal work hours as required.

25. Other duties as assigned by Supervisors or supporting staff (Engineering).

Housekeeping Duties:

1. Take scrap to designated location at the end of shift.

2. Organize work station tables at beginning and end of line (e.g. All paperwork, tools, tooling) at the end of shift.

3. Clean up any trash around line and empty trash barrel in designated location at the end of shift.

4. Organize all raw material, interleaf, empty reels – return to inventory as needed throughout shift.

5. Sweep the floor all around line prior to 1st break and at end of shift.

6. Return all tools, rags, parts to designated location at end of shift and/or completion of job.

7. Ensure all chemicals are labeled and return unused chemicals to designated location at the end of shift.

8. Clean area after each set-up, job, and/or maintenance project at a minimum of 1 time per shift.

9. Walk the line and monitor area for any and all safety hazards at a minimum of 1 time per shift.

10. Organize all finished goods and set in designated location for pick up.

Documentation Requirements:

1. Accurately complete the following documentation during the shift;

a. Daily Dissolves

b. Scrap Tickets

c. Pre-Flights

d. Line Logs

e. Skid Sheets

f. Line Journal

g. Drum Tickets

h. Rework Log

System Requirements:

·         FARM

·         Label Verify

True Chem

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