“We congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on being declared the winners of the presidential election, House Democrats on holding their majority and Senate and House Republicans on their formidable election showing.  It should be clear from the gains made by the Republican Party in this election that the American people are not interested in extreme policies from either party; they are looking for smart, stable and solutions-oriented governance. Indeed, it is clear that the Republican gains indicate that our agenda to promote a successful and competitive manufacturing sector is broadly supported. We look forward to working with anyone and everyone who shares the same objectives of our policy and advocating constructively with those who may not.

Manufacturing in the United States unites our country, and Americans from all walks of life want to see us succeed. In the wake of this election, with many in our deeply divided country feeling anger and disappointment and some feeling relief, this association uniquely has a platform and an opportunity to lead toward shared objectives like no other.”