Electric Boat who has partnered with Davies Vocational since 2019. Davies besides having Electrical & Renewable Energy program is now offering Maritime Electrical.  Beginning November 2022, Davies will have an Electric Boat mentor working with their junior students twice a month. This mentorship program will provide students the opportunity to prepare and train for a very selective paid internship during the Summer of 2023.

Amgen offered during the summer of 2022 an opportunity to the Davies’ Biomanufacturing instructors to participate in an externship offered by Amgen and hosted at URI.  Two Davies instructors had the opportunity to work side-by-side with a senior URI intern who was a graduate of the Biomanufacturing program. One instructor has also been approved by URI to teach a Spring URI course (Issues in Biotechnology) to her senior students providing them the opportunity to earn 3 URI college credits.