Clark Valve has created a new valve, the Dilating Disk, that the company says could prevent methane from causing atmospheric damage and keep hydrocarbons within their pipeline.  The Methane Emissions Reduction Program (MERP) is funded with $850million dollars to the EPA to implement the reduction program.  Clark Valve a Quonset Point manufacturer is on the cutting edge of this effort.

Wind power (Blue Economy) is growing rapidly. RIMA has formed a working group monitoring and being an active participant in the various meetings and workshops on the Blue Economy.  RIMA will be working closely with Polaris and will be attending several events to enlighten the manufacturing sector what the industry expects and needs from our members.  We will be keeping our members informed as to what is happening in this sector..  In addition, RIMA is discussing how we can work with companies such as Orsted and Equinox about using wind generated electricity directly to our manufacturing plants.