Six executive orders will help to remake American manufacturing and innovation so that the future is made in America by all of America’s workers.

  1. BUY AMERICAN. A $400 billion procurement investment that (together with the Biden clean energy and infrastructure plan) will power new demand for American products, materials and services, and ensure that they are shipped on U.S.-flagged cargo carriers.
  2. MAKE IT IN AMERICA. Incentives, additional resources and new financing tools, with a particular focus on smaller manufacturers and those owned by women and people of color.
  3. INNOVATE IN AMERICA. $300 billion investment in R&D and breakthrough technologies – from lightweight materials to artificial intelligence – to unleash high-quality job creation in high-value manufacturing and technology.
  4. INVEST IN ALL OF AMERICA. America is not at full strength when investments, venture capital, educational opportunities and paths to good jobs are limited by race, region, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or national origin. Ensure that the major public investments – procurement, R&D, infrastructure, training, and education – reach all Americans with an emphasis on small businesses.
  5. STAND UP FOR AMERICA. Pursue a pro-American worker tax and trade strategy to give manufacturers and workers the fair shot they need to compete for jobs and market share.
  6. SUPPLY AMERICA. Bring back critical supply chains to America so we aren’t dependent on any other country for the production of critical goods in a crisis.