WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is preparing to sign an executive order to review U.S. supply chains for large-capacity batteries, pharmaceuticals, critical minerals and semiconductors that power cars, phones, military equipment and other goods.

The United States has become increasingly reliant on imports of these goods — a potential national security and economic risk that the Biden administration hopes to address with the planned 100-day review and the possibility of increased domestic production, according to administration officials who insisted on anonymity to discuss the order. However, Biden will also look to work with international partners to ensure a stable and reliable supply chain.

The plan: According to administration officials, President Biden will seek to launch a 100-day review of the supply chain, in preparation for a push to increase domestic production of certain goods. In addition, President Biden may also work to strengthen international supply chains by working with partners around the world.

What it covers: The order will focus on supply chains for goods, including large-capacity batteries, pharmaceuticals, critical minerals and semiconductors. These semiconductors power a range of important products, from cars to phones to military equipment.